AppealMan is specifically designed to follow the logical flow of an appeal from the “front counter” all the way through the State Tax Court.  AppealMan embeds years of “on the job” experience into its workflow rules and provides you with robust software functionality including data entry, error-checking, reporting, calendaring, tracking, and analysis.

What AppealMan Will Do for You

  • Tracks Appeals, Deadlines & Activity History.
  • Manages and Prints all Related Appeal Forms.
  • Conduct Preliminary Hearings and Generate Log Reports.
  • Reports Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Calendar Entries.
  • Links Directly to Your Existing Assessment Software.
  • Run Queries and Reports on Appeal Issues, Property Classes & Neighborhoods.
  • Multiple Security Levels.
  • Sharable between Multiple Offices & Departments.
  • Export data files to the DLGF.

The backbone of As2 AppealMan Management is the built-in ability to manage a variety of state tax forms and appeal-related notices, documents, and procedures including 114’s, 115’s, 133’s, 122’s, 113’s, 112’s, 138’s, and Much More.

Customizable Interface

Critical to the success of any appeals management system is the ability to adapt to a change in rules, workflow, or process. Realizing that no two counties are exactly the same, our program is capable of adapting to your specific appeals workflow because our installation team will conduct a pre-installation interview to determine exactly how you handle and manage appeals in your county.

Track & Analyze Appeals

Being able to “track” the progress of an appeal is quick and easy with our appeals tracking engine. At the click of a button you have instant access (Finger Tip Status) to identifying exactly where in the process an appeal resides.

Calendar Control & Automatic Notify

If you need to remind yourself, or someone else, of upcoming events then simply use the Calendar Control. Important dates, times, locations, and events can be printed or emailed to staff, hearings officers, authorized representatives or anyone else.