Introducing a New Software System to Manage Your Clients’ Business Tangible Personal Property Tax Filings

TaxWiz gives you greater accuracy, greater professionalism, and greater results than any other method of doing your property tax renditions. We believe this and stand behind it. We will make every effort to earn your trust, commitment, and satisfaction in the process. And if for some reason you don’t get this advantage, we will do whatever it takes to give you satisfaction, whether that means immediate service or a refund. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Our Software Will Complete All State Required Forms And Prepare Them For Submission To The Proper Authorities.

What TaxWiz Will Do for You

  • Guarantee that your clients’ business is in compliance with all required filings.
  • Determine which state forms are required to be calculated & submitted by your client.
  • Calculate the values of your clients’ assets and apply any allowable depreciation.
  • Print the completed forms for signing and recording with your local County Assessors’ office.
  • Maintain a confidential database of your information that can be used in following years to expedite your next tax preparation.

Our company has been specializing in personal property business taxation for over 15 years and our specialized software is currently being used in many Assessors’ offices throughout Indiana to manage the tens of thousands of forms filed each year by firms such as your own. Our software possesses a proven track record of innovation and has shown the consistent ability to deliver the value you and your clients expect.

TaxWiz centralizes tax documents into a multi-year database, which minimizes time spent complying with audit requests. Our software reporting tools provide a complete history of filings (in PDF or other format) for any year and their supporting data.

user-friendly data entry screens

TaxWiz  automatically populates and prints all personal property tax returns with corresponding mailing labels or envelopes eliminating the hours spent filling them out by hand, and saves electronic copies of printed returns as Adobe Acrobat® PDF files eliminating the need for extensive paper file storage.

values calculate automatically

Here are just some of the State forms TaxWiz manages and prints:

  • Form 103 – Short Form – Business Tangible Personal Property
  • Form 103 – Long Form – Business Tangible Personal Property
  • Form 103-T – Return of Special Tools
  • Form 102 – Farmer’s Tangible Personal Property Assessment
  • Form 103-N – Schedule 1 – Information Return of Not Owned Personal Property
  • Form 106 – Schedule of Adjustments to Business Tangible Personal Property
  • Form 103-SR – Single Return
  • Form 104-SR – Single Return
  • Form 104 – Business Tangible Personal Property Return Form 103-O – Information Return of Owned Personal Property
  • Form 103-P5 – Business Tangible Personal Property Depreciable Assets in Pool 5
  • Form 103-P5/ERA – Schedule of Deduction from Assessed Value Pool 5 Property
  • Form 103-ERA – Schedule of Deduction from Assessed Value Personal Property
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