Indiana Businesses are required to file a Personal Property tax return by the 15th of May.  The forms which most small businesses are supposed to file are Form 102, Form 103 and Form 104. There are 2 Form 103′s: a short form and a long form. In some cases, filing one form over the other will result in a lower assessed value which will result in a lower tax bill.  In many cases, filling out the form incorrectly results in a much higher tax bill.

Our company has been specializing in personal property business taxation for over 15 years and our specialized software is currently being used in many Assessors’ offices throughout Indiana to manage the thousands of forms filed each year by businesses such as your own.

Let us fill out the necessary tax forms for your business and we guarantee your taxes will be the lowest possible.

In some cases, our software can actually reduce your taxes down to zero.

PropMan provides you with an extremely easy to use interface for managing Farm and  Business personal property taxes.

PropMan embeds years of “on the job” experience into its workflow rules and provides you with robust software functionality including data entry, error-checking, reporting, tracking, analysis, and much more.

  • Easy-To-Use Screen Forms And Database.
  • Administer, Report & Print State Forms At The Touch Of A Button.
  • Manage 102’s, 103’s, 104’s, 106’s, 103n’s, 103o’s, 103p’s, 103T’s & More.
  • Manage 103 ERA Deductions.
  • Completely Automated Mathematics And Depreciation.
  • Pools Shift Automatically Each Year With Updated State Values.
  • Efficient Design Utilizes Drop-Down Pick Lists To Minimize Data Entry And Errors.
  • Protect Your Data With Password & Security Interface.
  • Converts Existing Vendor Data So You Don’t Loose Any Previous Work!
  • Error Checking Pop Ups Alert You When Something’s Incorrect.