Why Use Our Software

Simplicity is Everything to Us

What gives our products a leg up on the competition is that no matter how complicated the actions they perform, they are amazingly easy to use. It’s part of our mission to deliver clear, logical, intuitive, efficient and reliable software.

Highly Trained Support Staff

We do not outsource Technical Support. Our technical specialists are based in the USA, in close contact with all our software developers. If you happen to have a difficult case, it is moved directly to the people who created the program.

A Complete Solution

Our Software products offer a simple, easy to use, complete software packages for small businesses and local governments.  Our software solutions contain key functions that you need, without the unwanted features, options and processes that you don’t need, and won’t use.

Easy to Learn and Use

Our Software products are simple, easy-to-master, and have a user-friendly interface. Save hours otherwise spent on extensive training.