ScanMan is a software solution designed to scan, link, and retrieve sales disclosure forms quickly and accurately. ScanMan’s Intuitive interface allows for data editing, query, reporting, error-checking, and analysis. ScanMan provides a highly customized document capturing environment that will eliminate the need for you to store your paper documents.

  • Easy-to-Use Screen Forms and Database.
  • Standardized Data Capture & Storage Formats.
  • Reads Data from Your Existing Cama Assessment Software.
  • Edit, Print, and Report All Required State Forms.
  • Multi-Year Database System.
  • Submit Data to the DLGF for Data Compliancy.
  • Export Data to Your Desktop Programs or Email.
  • Scan and Link Sales Disclosure Documents, Deeds, & Property Record Cards.
  • Manage, Analyze, Report & Print Forms at the Touch of a Button.
  • Error Checking on the fly.
  • Interface with our On-Line Web System.

Automatically Loads Data from Your Cama System or Our On-Line Web Application.


ScanMan allows you to automatically import property data directly from your Cama system.  We can import certified values, worksheet values, or both.

Powerful-Simple-Search Engine

  • Our database search engine is designed to be easy to use yet quite powerful for advanced users.
  • Front counter computers allow the general public to find their own sales disclosures instead of taking valuable staff time.
  • Data can be exported directly from the search engine to a variety of media.

User-Friendly Data Entry Screens

  • Our data entry screens are user-friendly, interactive, and extremely efficient.
  • Built-in error checking practically guarantees compliant data.
  • Auto-save functionality minimizes the need to re-enter data.

Scan and Link Documents or Other Files

Scan Sales Disclosure documents and linking them to your ScanMan data is fundamental.  However, you can also attach other documents and media such as Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, video, and digital picture files.

All of the data in ScanMan can be shared with other departments.  Data can also be exported for Trending and Ratio Studies.

Powerful Online System

  • Interactive online filing and data submission.
  • A robust search engine for sales disclosure searches.
  • Map your sales data using our new online MapIt.
  • Frequently asked questions section (FAQ’s).
  • User driven support forum.
  • Direct user support from our technical support team.