BookWiz, our Trustee Financials & Assistance Case Management software, allows you to easily manage your disbursements and receipts, print checks directly, run monthly reports for Gateway, and upload data for the monthly and Annual Financial Reports (AFR). BookWiz also allows you to generate a variety of payroll reports, such as the 941, W2’s, W3’s and 1099’s.  With BookWiz, you can easily and quickly write/issue checks, lookup vendor inquiries, check year to date totals for all funds and bank accounts simultaneously, and review a budget appropriations report for any fund or a summary of all accounts.

Our embedded tools make maneuvering throughout the program easy and user friendly with helpful onscreen reminders. Our Financial module will produce all of the data you will need to upload to the DLGF, Gateway and SBOA for budgets and Annual Reporting.

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Here are a some of the main features of our Financials Management Module:

  • Write Checks, Print Checks, Enter Deposits & Log Transfers.
  • Print Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reports.
  • Manage Payroll and Payroll Reports.
  • Upload Electronic Data to GateWay for Annual Report.
  • Bank Balancing & Reconciliation.
  • Vendor Inquiries & Analytics.
  • Fund Account Balancing and Reporting.
  • Cash & Investments and Capital Asset Management & Reporting.

Our Assistance Case Management Module allows you to manage and assist those individuals that apply for Township Assistance. An applicant’s entire case history is just a few clicks away, and entering a new applicant has never been easier. With our Assistance Case Management module, you can issue and print claim checks, purchase orders, vouchers, and automatically generate the TA-1, TA-7 and much more.

Here are a some of the main features of our Assistance Case Management Module:

  • Log and Manage Assistance Case’s.
  • Log and Manage Case Requests for Assistance.
  • Print Purchase Orders and Vouchers.
  • Print TA-1A and the TA7.
  • Analyze and Print Assistance Statistics.
  • Manage Case Notes.

We also have an Online TA1 Application for those who wish to stay at home, fill out the TA1, and submit it for review and approval. The data entered by the applicant is downloaded directly into our Assistance Case Management Module where staff processes the request.

Write & Print Checks Directly from the System.



Customizable Checks.


Financials Primary Navigation Screen.

MAINSCREENBank Statement Reconciliation Reports


Cash In Funds Balancing


Vendor Disbursements



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